Keto Success at Easter Dinner

Keto Success at Easter Dinner

Yesterday was Easter. This usually means lots of food and candy. Any holiday can be rather perilous for someone on a special diet. Especially a candy holiday! For some reason this wasn’t the case for me this year. I’ve never had this happen before.

We spend most holidays with friends. With no family in our immediate area, we have been adopted into our friends family. We’ve celebrated holidays with them for years and years. Yesterday was no exception.

With all the amazing cooks present, there was no shortage of yummy food. I wish I had taken a picture, but I’m afraid I didn’t even think of it. When we arrived there was already a huge platter of vegetables set out. A fatty dip would have been nice, but still a safe thing to snack on.

For dinner there was ham, slow baked beans, scalloped potatoes, a vegetable tart, a mushroom and onion casserole, asparagus, deviled eggs, and home baked bread. Even though my friends are pretty health conscious and eat real food, there were still a lot of delicious things I’m not supposed to eat.

Also our wonderful host always has small bowls of candies scattered around, just in case you want a little something sweet. In years past I would pick at these. Who can pass up chocolate at Easter? Just one wouldn’t hurt, would it? As if I could stop at one. This year I hardly even noticed them and was not at all tempted. How did that happen?

Last year I had only been keto for a couple of months. I remember cheating on Easter. I love baked beans and decided to have a small serving. I probably had a small serving of just about everything. I figured a little wouldn’t hurt and I could be really good after. And that was fine. I was happy with my decisions last year.

I did have to deal with some cravings for the next few days, but I was determined to get right back into ketosis. So last year wasn’t too bad. I did get right back into ketosis and continued to lose weight, much to my surprise.

This year I didn’t even really want to cheat. Even though I love Nana’s baked beans and scalloped potatoes, they had no hold over me. I could have chosen to have a bite or two, but I didn’t need to. I chose not to. I had total freedom over the food that I ate. I did not at all feel deprived. I made the choices that were good for me and felt great! And I feel great today. No sugar hangover or other issues to deal with. In fact the ketonix I have been using to test for ketones showed red this morning. Wow! I don’t have to get back into ketosis. I’m still there!

I had the ham, the mushroom and onion casserole, and asparagus. My friend made the casserole. It only had mushrooms, onions, ricotta, and parmesan cheese. It was quite delicious. I brought the deviled eggs so I had those as well.

Actually, I am in shock that I didn’t have any trouble with cravings or feeling deprived. Always before it would be a real struggle not to eat things. A struggle I would most often lose. I have been trying to lose weight for at least 23 years. Holidays, or any gathering for that matter, were always horrible. I would feel extremely deprived. I would be drooling over all the yummy foods, especially the chocolate.

I would try really hard not to have the things I knew I shouldn’t. But I would pick at one here and one there. Then I would have just a little dessert, a bite of this and a bite of that. Eating this way, I’m sure that I ate more than if I would have just taken a portion and ate it all at once. I never was successful and always felt deprived. Then I would feel like I blew it anyway I might as well forget about the diet.

Oh what a difference this year was! I brought my version of low carb lemon bars. I always bring a dessert! In years past this didn’t really help me any. I would still be extremely tempted by all the lusciousness so I would have just a little. Even though there was one of my all time favorite desserts present, I was perfectly content to have my lemon bars. I am in shock! I was not even a little tempted.

My point is that this way of eating works. At least it works for me. And some of my friends. Maybe it can work for you.

Luke 18:27 says that “the things that are impossible with people are possible with God.” This is so how I feel this morning. What I thought was totally impossible (me losing weight with no cravings or deprivation) has become possible. I am so thankful that the Lord pushed me into the keto diet and has given grace to continue!

I am so excited! How did you fare this Easter?

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