A Little About Me

A Little About Me

Hi I’m Joyce. Welcome to Savoring Sustenance and a peek into my world and my story.

I’m a follower of Jesus. Have known him my whole life thanks to wonderful Godly parents. He is the main sustenance of my life. I could not survive one day without Him. I’m married to my very best friend for the last thirty three years. (Yes I’m old, just turned 55.) I’m so thankful to the Lord for getting us together. I’ll share that story one day. We have one son here with us, and three more children waiting for us in heaven.

I’ve been wanting to start this blog to answer all the questions I’ve been getting lately about how I’ve lost weight. In the past year I’ve lost 46 pounds. Here I am at my heaviest and now. My amazing Hubby has been doing this for a lot longer and has lost a total of 235 pounds. I’ll tell his story soon.

So this will primarily be my experience with a ketogenic diet and all I have learned along the way. I love to eat. I love sweets. I love to try new recipes. This is how I make keto work in my life. I’ll share all the things that I was afraid of and now find very easy.

I also love to talk about other health related topics like essential oils and alternative medicine. I’m sure I will be sharing about those. Although I have no medical background or training, I love to research.

These are a few of the things that bring sustenance to my life. I hope you will find something here to help you along on your journey.

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